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5 things you might not have known about Poland



5 cool alternative things to do when you visit Switzerland

Apart from eating cheese fondue and spending all your time shopping for Swiss chocolates, there are five alternative cool things you could keep yourself busy with when you are visiting  Switzerland.

Why Turkey needs to be at the top of your bucket-list


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Top must-try foods in Italy

Pizza, pasta, cars, handbags and shoes – some things are just made better by Italians. But especially food. Italian food has been a favourite around the world for ages with almost every town in the world having a pizzeria or gelateria somewhere around a corner.

This is why we love Thailand

From the tropical beaches of Phi Phi Island and golden temples and statues scattered throughout the country, to sunset boat cruises and cuisine bursting with fresh flavours – Thailand easily steals a traveller’s heart.



Why it’s not a waste of money to travel

Perhaps you have been dreaming about travelling since you were young. Perhaps you have made various plans that fail one after the other. Or perhaps you have people constantly telling you that travel is a waste of money that you could have rather saved up for a deposit on a car or a house.

Just let their words go into the one ear and out of the other ear because travel is definitely not a waste of money.

Top insider tips for your visit to Prague

Prague is a tourist city of note and it’s therefore always handy to have a couple of insider tips to make your stay less crowded and more memorable. It’s also useful to know what to eat and drink and how to get around.

Here are some great insider tips for when you travel to Prague:


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5 fun things to do in Scandinavia

Holidays are often associated with beach time or pool time – depending on where you come from (and where you are going). Perhaps Scandinavia seems like an oddly cold holiday destination, but there are plenty reasons why it needs to be added to your travel list.

Yes, it might be cold, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing fun to do! Here are five fun things to do when you visit Scandinavia:

3 things you probably didn’t know about Paris

As a tourist in Paris, it’s easy to soak up the cafe culture, drool over freshly baked baguettes and enjoy the romantic feel in the air. It’s also easy to tick off things on a “must-see list” such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Arc de Triomphe.



Interesting flower facts about Keukenhof in the Netherlands

Springtime in the Netherlands mean many things. But one of the overarching topics of discussion is certainly flowers! Or more specifically, Tulips.

December Christmas markets in winter-wonderland Europe

Christmas markets is something people look forward to year-round. There is an unexplainable magic in the air at a Christmas market that can get even the most unfestive person into a happy, serene, festive mood over the Christmas holidays.

Here are some of the coolest Christmas markets we’ve experienced, and so can you on our December Magical Moments Tour 2018:


3 bells

This is why we love Greece

Often a faraway dreamy idea for many, Greece is a special place that has crept deep into our hearts.

And it’s not hard to figure out why we love it so much…

Four dreamy spots to visit in Croatia

Croatia has been an up-and-coming travel destination for a couple of years now. And it’s no secret why. Beaches, forests, waterfalls and history – it’s basically a small piece of heaven. Or at least how we’d imagine heaven to be like.



The ins and outs of French wine

Apart from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Louvre, French cafes, and fresh French loaves and cheese, many people travel to France for authentic wine tasting experiences.

Whether you’d describe yourself as a wine connoisseur or not, everyone knows that the French know what they’re doing when it comes to wine. The only problem for a non-French wine drinker who wants to enjoy French wine is understanding what the bottle says.

Fascinating traditions: Spain

Spain is one of those European countries, rich in history and even richer in culture and traditions.

Here are some of our favourite fascinating traditions in Spain:



Five random facts about Amsterdam

Canals, bicycles, windmills, marijuana, wooden clogs, cheese, Anne Frank’s house, and stroopwafels… these are all things people often associate with Amsterdam. But there is much more to Amsterdam than meet the eye!

Top must-try foods in Portugal

Many a great city with great people and great food exists – we all know that. Portugal is one of those places that mustn’t get left off the list. In fact, in the eyes of the Portuguese (just like the Italians), food is always a cause for celebration.



Aperitivo in Italy: what it is and why it’s so cool.

Certainly one of the best things about Italy is the food and culture. Sure, the art, architecture, and rolling hills of Tuscany are incredible. But there is something very unique and special in the combination of food and culture. You cannot, in fact, separate the two.

Travel to Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is, quite simply, that place on the Italian Riviera where people take those magnificent pictures (usually at sunset) of colourful village houses tucked away between the cliffs which makes you want to quit your job and hop on the next plane out. 


Basilica di Santa Maria

Tour Venice on your European Holiday

The capital of the Veneto region of northern Italy, Venice comprises of over a 100 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon.

Amsterdam – Places and attractions to explore, experience and eat

Amsterdam has many popular attractions to explore. Some of which are significant to history and others worth exploring if you want to dig into the Dutch culture.

Amsterdam bridge

The Hofbräuhaus München Experience

Munich is known for an abundant supply of local beer. After the Oktoberfest, the Hofbräuhaus München claims the title of the most iconic tourist attraction in Munich.

Cheering beer
Trail hiking in Europe

Travelling alone: tips for a spectacular solo journey.

So you’ve decided to venture on a solo journey, as you haven’t found a suitable travel buddy. It’s a scary feeling. Many fear loneliness. Stress no more, here’s a brief guideline to traversing beautiful destinations without a friend to tag along.

4 Ingenious Tips to Prevent Losing Your Luggage.

Imagine, you watch the luggage carousel rotate and suddenly you realise you can’t locate your luggage. No one wants to spend a few days without clothes, particularly in a foreign country. Here are a few tips to prevent your luggage from going M.I.A.

Luggage on carousel
Interesting European Festivals

Weird but pretty cool festivals in Europe

While the Glastonbury Festival usually takes the limelight for festivals in Europe, there are many unusual festivals that few know about. Here’s a list of weird but awesome festivals to join on your next trip to Europe