C the world – Terms and conditions.

Rospa Trading 97 (PTY) t/a C the World. Company registration number: 2015/091279/07

A contract will not exist between the Company and the passenger / s until we have received a booking form, signed terms and conditions, as well as a minimum 25% deposit.

Unless otherwise specified, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total tour price per person, is payable within seven days of making a reservation. The balance of the total tour price due is payable not later than 60 days prior to the departure, unless otherwise specified or pre-arranged with C the world. Full payment is due within 7 days if the booking is received within 60 days prior to departure. Provisional bookings will automatically be cancelled if the company has not received the deposit or full payment, as applicable.

All cancellations must be made in writing by you. We will not regard a booking as cancelled until written notice is received by us.
The following cancellation fee, in regards with the amount of days prior to departure that cancellation is received, will apply:
60+ days– Deposit non-refundable (25%)
34 – 59 days – 75% of total tour price
1 – 33 days – 100% of total tour price

Every effort will be made to operate all trips as advertised but it must be remembered that our trips are planned in advance. Please note that the accommodation and services featured are indicative of those planned to use for the various trips, but it may be necessary to use alternatives in some cases. We therefore reserve the sole right, at our discretion, to modify or cancel any trip, flight schedule, accommodation or arrangement at any time. We will notify you as soon as possible of any material changes and they will form part of our contract with you.
A material modification is one which has a serious effect on your trip and includes a change of departure date, departure point or airport, or change of departure time of more than twelve hours, which would cause substantial inconvenience to you. Accommodation is not considered as a material change
Should a material change (or cancellation) prove necessary we will give you reasonable notice thereof, in the circumstances, and where available, offer you a comparable alternative.
If an alternative is not available or acceptable you will be entitled to either a full refund of monies paid by you to us or transfer to another C the world holiday without payment of any transfer fee.
If the change or cancellation is due to force majeure (i.e. circumstances like political unrest, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, closure of airports or ports, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemic or health risk, Acts of God, adverse weather conditions or other similar events beyond C the Word’s control) we will give a full refund of any monies paid to us less reasonable expenses incurred by us in respect of your booking.
C the world is not responsible for the costs of any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations, modifications or rescheduling of any tour departure.

The advertised rates are based on an exchange rate when the tour was planned in the local currency. Please contact the office in order to find out what exchange rate was used for your specific tour. Additional payments might be due in case of currency fluctuations. Please note that should there be a difference on this date of the exchange rate, you will have an additional payment.


On the date that we book our flights we get an estimate of what the flight/airport taxes will be for the date of ticketing (30 days prior to departure as per our contracts with airlines).

Once the flight tickets have been issued, the difference in taxes will be emailed to the main booking member once available and needs to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

All passengers are required to take out travel insurance, covering personal accident, medical expenses, baggage and loss of deposit through cancellation.

Tour itineraries and travel arrangements are subject to alteration where necessary according to local conditions en route, without prior notice. Due to various prevailing and unforeseen circumstances, tours are not always able to follow the provisional routing as set out in the published itinerary. Information contained therein should therefore be regarded as a basic guide only.

The responsibility to obtain valid passports and visas is that of the customer alone. The company shall not be responsible or liable for any consequence of any nature arising from the customer failing to ensure that he/she has complied with all such requirements. The Customer must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months beyond the end of the travel period. C the world bears no responsibility for incorrect passport or immigration documentation.

C the world accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or any other irregularity howsoever arising from any planned itinerary. C the World will make every effort to ensure that all the arrangements and services connected with a passengers itinerary will be carried out as specified and/or in the most efficient and effective way possible.


In performing the obligations as set out in this Agreement, the User[1] hereby consents to transfer and upload its personal information to the platform managed by the Service Provider[2].

The User and Service Provider shall comply with the provisions of all laws, which regulate the protection of personal data, including but not limited to the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (as amended) and the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act No. 25 of 2002 (as amended). The employer, other company, association or institution or other service provider will apply the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 in its dealings as if the Act is enacted at time of consenting to these terms and conditions.

The Parties shall comply with all laws, policies, and procedures relating to the protection, storage, handling, privacy, processing and retention of data as well as the destruction of data, including personal data.

The Service Provider shall ensure that it shall not sell, offer for sale or dispose of or attempt to dispose of or create or allow the encumbrance over any data of the user held by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider shall ensure that it does not disclose any personal information or data of the User, other than provided for in these terms and conditions.

The Parties shall ensure that the personal information or data obtained from the User is processed for only the express purpose for which it was obtained.

The Parties shall ensure that, once the data has been processed for the purposes for which it was obtained and the User who is the employee leaves the employ of their employer utilising the HRIS platform or the member utilising the My Life platform cancels the services that all data of the User will be destroyed to an extent that it cannot be reconstructed to its original form.

The Service Provider will endeavour to implement all reasonable technical and organisational measures in place to protect the personal data from unauthorised access and/or use including implementing measures to ensure access to the personal data remain secure, confidential and exclusively attributable to a specific employee.

The Service Provider shall notify the user of any actual or suspected breach of its security measures.

The Parties record that the User shall at all times retain ownership of the data, information and files generated in fulfilment of the Service Provider’s obligations in terms of these terms and conditions.

The Parties agree that they may obtain Personal Information during the duration of the agreement for the fulfilment of the rights and obligations contained herein and may further only process such information for the specific purposes for which it was obtained.

The Parties agree that if personal information will be processed for additional purposes beyond the original purpose for which it was obtained, explicit consent must be obtained beforehand from those persons whose information will be subject to further processing and the Service Provider will notify the User of further consent necessary.

The Service Provider agrees that it has the appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to safeguard the security, integrity and authenticity of all information being processed in terms of this agreement. At a minimum, these measures must include controls related to the following:

  • Physical and electronic information security risk management, where applicable;
  • Physical and systems based identity and access management, where applicable;
  • IT asset management, including mobile devices if applicable;
  • Intrusion detection or prevention systems to assess and manage risks related to malicious attacks against systems or data; and Managed system development, testing and maintenance.

The Service Provider must ensure that:

  • all authorized persons that process information on behalf of the User receive appropriate training related to information protection and security. For the purposes of this clause, authorized persons include employees and third parties who process information on behalf of the Service Provider or User;
  • Each of its employees maintains the security and confidentiality of their username and password and, in particular, does not allow any other person to use their username or password and does not commit their password to writing in any way
  • And it notifies the User immediately if it believes that any of its employees’ user names or passwords have been misused or compromised in any manner and shall take all reasonable precautions to detect any unauthorized acquisition or use of the same.


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