Egypt September tour 2020
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18 September 2020 - 28 September 2020
See all the great sites of Egypt and enjoy an all inclusive experience in Hurghada! See the Pyramids in Cairo, temples in Aswan, Cruise the Nile in 5* luxury, visit the valley of the Kings and relax at the Red Sea!


  • Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Egyptian Museum and markets
  • Red Sea at Hurghada
  • Aswan
  • Luxor
  • 5* Nile Cruise for 3 days
18 September 2020 - Johannesburg to Cairo
Check in with your tour guide at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg at 18:45. We depart on a direct flight to Cairo. (Dinner on board flight)
19 September 2020 - Cairo
We arrive in Cairo early morning, and pass through customs. We will be transferred to our hotel, and have requested to check in as early as possible to refresh. We start our tour of Egypt with the highlight and most famous attraction of Egypt, the great pyramids of Giza. Your local guide will show and tell you everything you need to know in regards with one of the top 7 classic wonders of the world. Continue back to our hotel for a well-deserved dinner. Get a good night's rest and feel refreshed for the rest of the tour! (Breakfast, Dinner)
20 September 2020 - Cairo to Aswan
Our first stop for the day is the Egyptian museum in Cairo as we learn more about the fascinating history of Egypt. We end our tour in the famous open market (Khan El Khalili) the Bazaar with the numerous souvenirs shops and the coffee shops. Early evening we will be transferred to the airport for a short flight to Aswan. (Breakfast)
21 September 2020 - Aswan
We start the day at the famous High Dam of Aswan. The High Dam was completed in 1971 and created Lake Nasser. The creation of the dam made it necessary to relocate several famous monuments. Next you will visit the romantic Temple of Philae. The Philae Temple is a majestic Greco-Roman Egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, the goddess of love, overnight on your 5-star Nile cruise. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
22 September 2020 - Aswan to Kom-Ombo temple
Enjoy sailing down the fertile bank of the Nile to visit Kom-Ombo Temple, Kom Ombo is a Dual Greco-Roman Egyptian Temple dedicated to the Evil Crocodile god Sobek and the Good Falcon god Haroeris, which stands overseeing the Nile and had sacred crocodiles kept as pets. overnight on your 5-star Nile Cruise. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
23 September 2020 - Edfu to Luxor
After breakfast we will arrive in city of Edfu where you will find the famous Temple of Horus. The 2000-year old Temple was dedicated to the Son of Osiris, Horus the Falcon Headed God, and is the best preserved and most complete temple in Egypt. We continue down the Nile to the city of Luxor.
We will visit the famous Karnak and Luxor temples on the East bank this afternoon/evening. We spend the night on the cruise. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
24 September 2020 - Luxor to Hurghada
An optional Hot Air Balloon ride in the morning to witness the beautiful sites around Luxor. See the Nile Valley, Valley of the Kings, Luxor and more! We visit the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir El Bahary) and the great Colossi of Memnon. An afternoon transfer to the Red Sea in Hurghada. Later we check in to our all inclusive hotel in Hurghada. Eat and drink as much as you like! (Breakfast)
25 September 2020 - Hurghada
A full free day to explore the coastal town of Hurghada. Enjoy some shopping, relax by the sea, go diving or maybe even a desert safari! (Breakfast)
26 September 2020 - Hurghada to Cairo
After a free morning, we make our way back to Cairo for one last night in the capital city of Egypt. Why not book an optional Nile dinner cruise? (Breakfast)
27 September 2020 - Cairo to Johannesburg
A last day to explore Cairo before we fly back to Johannesburg on a direct flight. Why not do some last-minute shopping and buy some souvenir's for the family and friends! Around 19:00 we make our way to the airport for our flight back to Johannesburg. (Breakfast)
28 September 2020 - Johannesburg
We arrive back in Johannesburg with a scheduled arrival time of 07:10 AM. Say goodbye to new friends made, and take a lifetime of memories with you back home! (Breakfast)
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Koos Myburgh

Hallo! We really enjoyed the feeling of ‘freedom’ that one experienced on tour. Although we travelled in a group, there was never the impression that we were ‘forced’ to participate in any of the (very well!) organized excursions. We were free to explore on our own, which was also excellently recommended by our guides. We believe that this aspect of your ‘tours’ really distinguishes you from the rest. -Thailand March 2015

Koos Myburgh,
South Africa

Well organized, good info given by Benno as well as good leadership. NB: enough free time which is very good!

South Africa
Chantelle Jonathan and Jenny Adams

A great big THANK YOU for the most awesome Italian Adventure, the trip was so much more than I ever expected and that was all thanks to you and C the World. There were only highs during our trip. Your youth belies your organisational skills and knowledge, you put together the perfect package (sights, guides, hotels and especially cost) and I am indeed lucky to have had such a good experience of Italy with you and our motley crew, fun indeed.

Chantelle Jonathan and Jenny Adams,
South Africa

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  • Hot air balloon view
  • camel back at the pyramids
  • Nile cruise
  • sunset on nile cruise
  • hot air balloon view
  • sphinx with pyramid
  • Temple of Hatshepsut
  • tomb of tutankhamun
  • Great Sphinx
  • Hurghada, red sea
  • Hieroglyphs on the wall
  • The Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt
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  • Parasols on the beach of Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt
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  • Obelisk
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  • Panorama of the area with the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt
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  • The scale of the pyramids
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  • fellucca boat trip
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  • Sunset
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  • Step Pyramid
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