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Passion Play

Nearly 400 years ago the history of the Passion Play began. The plague raged in many parts of Europe and did not spare Oberammergau either.

In 1633 the Oberammergau villagers promised to perform the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ every tenth year, in so far as no one was to die of the plague anymore. The villagers were answered by God and therefore in 1634 the first Passion Play took place. The promise has been kept until today.
C the World is an official agent for the Passion Play, and packages will become available as soon as possible. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for when the packages does become available, please click on "send inquiry" below.
C the world will be presenting various packages. All packages will include 1 night accommodation in Oberammergau, as well as a ticket to the Passion Play. In addition to the Passion Play, our packages will also be visiting some of the highlights in Europe. Places like the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich, Innsbruck, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest and much more.

We aim to present various tours of different lengths and on a variety of dates through 2020, with a selling price between R20,000 and R30,000 per person including flights!
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It all began with the pledge by the people of Oberammergau to act out the Passion Play once every ten years.
Pastor Daisenberger writes in his village chronicles: “The first decades of the 17th century went by in peaceful calm for the people of Oberammergau. But then followed the Thirty Years’ War with all its hardships from 1618 until 1648, which under the name of the Swedes’ War lives on the memory of the people. As early as 1631, infectious diseases spread in Swabia as well as in Bavaria. This village was spared by dutiful vigilance until the church festival in 1632, when a man named Kaspar Schisler brought the plague into the village. Faced with the great distress that the terrible illness inflicted upon the population, the leaders of the community came together and pledged to hold a passion tragedy once every ten years. From this day forward, not a single person perished, even though a great number of them still showed signs of the plague”.

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